The Fellonist!

Characters Page

The Fellonist - If we were to use a hunting metaphor, Felonies to the Fellonist are the “ Big Game” of the Modern age. Blowing up bridges robbing trains placing damsels in distressful situations, its his bread and butter, his destiny.

The Trapist - Like all great super villains, the Trapsit’s nature was forged by a painful childhood experience. Left alone by a dead beat Dad, he could only connect with his father when he managed to trap him. Now the Trapist is known as consummate professional in all things trapping, unless you just want to be his friend.

The Mastermind - The Fellonist’s father. A master of high crimes, heists, conspiracies and the stylish wearing of smoking jackets.

The Dictator - The Fellonist’s older brother. As a young man, the Dictator was known as The Revolutionary, but that all changed once he gained control of a small Imperium of far eastern island nations.

Hobo - A master hobo, known for his penny maps to vittles and hooch.

Atticus Grant - The Arch-Nemesis of the Fellonist and his friends. When all else fails the government calls on ole’ Atticus to clean up societies larger messes. He gets paid a wage and he does the job. He toys with his enemies using his smaller arm, then he brings down the big one.

The Senator - While not an elected official, he truly represents “ the people”. Co-author and Illustrator of THE FELLONIST!!

The Cardinal - The enigmatic arch-clergy master of an enigmatic sect of an enigmatic church. Co- author of THE FELLONIST!!

Cop1 - He’s Italian

Cop 2 - He’s Irish